Why landing is necessary in wooden stairs?

Landing has been an essential part of wood stairs for decades. It is the flat part or piece in staircases that can be built on different heights. Most people like to install landings in their staircases. But, what is the importance of this small part of stairways? Why is it essential to install it in stairways?

Following are the aspects for which one should install landing in their staircases –

Open-Timber-Staircase-Newmacher-Aberdeenshire-6-highSafety – Landing is installed in stairs mostly for the safety purpose. In case someone falls on stairways, it works as a blockage for the fall. It stops person from descending on stairways too much effectively preventing more injuries. This is the reason why most people prefer on getting a flat part on too long staircases. Landing is usually used in too long straight stairs or in curved ones.

Resting point – It also provides a resting point to climbers while ascending on stairs. If you have small children or elderly members in your family, who find it difficult to climb staircases, then you must get a landing on staircases. It increases the convenient level for climbers. It works as a resting point where one can stop for several seconds, regain their breath then continue ascending.

Decoration point – It also works as a decoration points in both, houses or offices. A flat and wide point in stairs provides you the opportunity to enhance your interior’s beauty. You can put flowerpots, vase, or any other decoration item on this flat piece. It not only works as convenience, but it also works as a decoration point.

Landing can be installed on various heights such as in middle, near bottom or near start. It is made in different angles such as 90 degree or 180 degree according to the building’s requirements and space. You can discuss it with your stairs builder and get the best landing for your house or office. In addition, you must pay attention to your building codes and local laws. It is essential to build stairways according to rules and regulation.

Furthermore, you must hire a company that has experience in building variety of staircases. It includes curved, straight and spiral. Choose wisely since it is very difficult to build or renovate house again. Choose a firm that has trained and experienced professionals for workers. It ensures the quality of their work. Discuss your requirements and expectations with them. You can also give your input regarding style or designs of stairs.


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