Why Have A Custom-Made Staircase For Your Home?

Having one or more custom-made staircase at your home can become a piece of artistic beauty and attraction. Choosing natural timber as a construction material for your staircase building project, the appealing wood grains, hues, and textures will give an outstanding natural appearance to the interiors of your home. There are many companies expert in custom millwork that provides custom-made staircase for a residential and commercial building.

custom mill work brooklyn

You can also choose a more contemporary glass and steel staircase, you will adore the streamlined, sleek elegance of a pleasing, subtle design.

When you discuss your ever-wanted custom-made staircases with your top quality home renovators and builders, you will come across many design options. Whether you prefer an ultra-modern sleek design in glass and steel, or beautiful natural timber stairs, your building team and experts design can construct your ideal staircase.

Reasons To Have A Custom-Made Staircases In Your Home

Here are some of the reasons to construct a customized staircase in your home:

  • Convenient – If you have constructed two new staircases in your home, one in the front and other in the back part of your home, you and your family member can reach any area of your home easily and quickly. If your house has three or four floors, you can enjoy an easy access to all floors from anywhere and anytime.
  • Aesthetic Value – The appearance and aesthetic value of your home will enhance incredibly with the design and installation of custom-made staircases. Customized staircases will present your design choices and your preferred building materials. In case, you have selected creative stairway designs in Tasmanian Oak, Spotted Gum, elegant Victorian Ash or Grey Ironbark,  the natural beauty and purity of the hardwood incorporated with a unique, eye-catching design will profoundly improve the complete aesthetic values of your home’s interior decor.
  • Market Value – Installing a custom-designed staircase in your home will certainly increase the market value of your home. Whether you have ultra-sleek steel and glass staircase or an elegant hardwood stairway, your new custom-made stairs will increase the current economic value of your home noticeably.

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What Factors To Keep In Mind While Planning Interior Stair Railing Designs Brooklyn?

If there is one place in the entire world which holds maximum value to each and every individual, it is nothing but the home. Our home is probably the biggest asset we own in our lives and this is the reason we make all the efforts to make it more appealing and comfortable. When it comes to making a home more decorative and appealing, the stairs, especially the stair railings count a lot as it is the major attraction of a house. If the Interior Stair Railing Designs Brooklyn is a major one, it just cannot be picked up and designed, it needs to take into consideration the following factors.


Top Factors To Keep In Mind

  • House Interiors
    The very first factor to keep in mind while planning the interior stair railing designs is nothing but the interior of the house. The railing design should match well with the house interiors and if it is not matching, it should definitely be something which adds value to it and not degrade the beauty of the home interiors.
  • Surrounding Colors
    The colors surrounding the stair railing present in the walls, curtains, and other objects should be kept in mind as the color mismatch may make your staircase look very stupid and unattractive. Again, it should be something which upgrades the surrounding beauty and not degrade it.
  • Personal Choices
    Although the above factors matter a lot, one thing that has to be kept in mind is the personal choices. Each and every individual is different and has a different liking for everything. This means the stair railing designs also should be designed in such a way that it fulfills the personal desire and expectations of the owner. It should be something which the owner truly enjoys or you can say including an X-Factor to the Interior Stair Railing Designs Brooklyn!

You may design the stair railing on your own keeping the above things in mind or get it designed from someone but the value which a top professional will add to it is something unmatchable. The simple reason being the professionals are the best people to get the job done in the best possible manner and this is exactly what you get at Second Generation Wood Stairs which is located in Staten Island, NY. They have years of professional experience designing stairs to perfection and a list full of happy and smiling homeowners!

2018 Home Trends : Outdoor Spiral Staircase

2018 is the year of minimalism. It is the year making sure that all home renovations you want are done in the manner you want. One thing that majority of homeowners want is an outdoor spiral staircase. While the spiral staircase can be added anywhere on the property, outdoor deck is the perfect place for outdoor stairs.
There are several advantages of outdoor spiral stairs in NY and it is necessary that you know all about them before you add one to your home:


  • Space Saving
    One of the leading reasons on opting the outdoor spiral staircase is the space. If you do not want a staircase in your home, you should go for an outdoor staircase. However, be sure that you have enough deck space so that the staircase can easily fit.
  • Numerous Location Options
    There is one problem that comes up while building a spiral staircase: location. Whether you want to build a staircase in your office or on the deck of your home, these stairs have a smaller footprint than the traditional stairs and offer huge flexibility in terms of architecture. The homeowners can opt to connect multiple levels easily with the spiral staircases.
  • Multiple Sizes, Colors, & Styles To Choose From
    The best part about adding spiral stairs in your home is that it can be customized in any way. Homeowners can choose from materials such as wood, steel, or combination of both and choose to style the handrails or other elements of stairs. The outdoor stairs are both styles as well as function.
  • Cost-Effective
    The spiral staircases are measures and cut properly which makes it very cost effective. It also ensures that the installation cost is also lower than the traditional stairs of the same size.
  • A Must Add Feature Of The Home
    Every home needs a staircase and when you got to add one, why not make it the unique and distinctive. The spiral staircases are known to increase the monetary value of the home. They are also a great way to add a dramatic flair to your minimalist home

As the latest trend, the outdoor spiral stairs are being added to the homes. If you want to incorporate the stairs into your home, consult Second Generation Wood Stairs. With there 30 years of experience, they are the leading creators of custom spiral stairs in NY.

Top things to keep in mind while manufacturing or designing wooden stairs

Do you have stairs in your home? How safe do you feel they are? Do you want to make them safer for your family? What would it take to convince you that your stairs are not that safe? Wood Stairs are something that you can choose to have a safer option. Wooden stairs is a wonderful invention that lets you assure yourself that you will not lose your footing on stairs.


Manufacturing of wooden stairs is not an easy task. To achieve it there is a lot that one needs to check. While making or designing stairs keep following things in your mind.

Under-step and over-step- Treads is one of the important points that you must keep in your mind. These are the wooden pieces placed on the top of each stair. It is the feature which keeps you in control. Under-step and over-step is the main cause of many accidents in climbing or descending the stairs. Under-step is the condition in which while climbing the foot is not placed fully on the next step up and an over-step is when the toes catch the riser of the next step up or catch under the nosing.

Consistent rise and going- Consistency is the key cause which causes maximum stair accidents and in some cases even death occurs due to under-stepping or overstepping. When an individual goes up or down a stair they subconsciously determine the appropriate height of each step. But if there is inconsistency in the steps then it may result in imbalance, trip or slip. If the inconsistency is in homes stairs then the regular users are generally habitual of climbing the stairs but for those who ascent or descent rarely may experience injury.

Winders- Winders are steps that are narrower on one side as compared to another end. They are used to give the curve in the stairs or to change the direction of the stairs without landings. It is mainly used in a spiral staircase. So, it’s very important to design the stairs well and with full attention.

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Steps for Replacing the Old Wooden Molding with New

One of the biggest responsibilities of a homeowner is to give your home fresh chic appearance. However, it would be stupid to splurge money in huge renovations that might go out of trend in an year or so. The best way to keep your home elegant and trendy without investing huge money is to update your wood moldings. Custom wood molding in Brooklyn is in trend. It gives your home an entirely new appearance with less money and minimum effort.


The process of removing and installing a custom wood molding depends upon the old molding that is being replaced. There are certain steps that need to be taken:

Whether you are replacing a certain section or the whole wooden molding, it is extremely necessary to take right measurements. Make sure you measure the height, length and thickness of the molding that you are replacing. While replacing the section, make sure that the new molding matches the old molding. If you are replacing the whole molding, you have to make sure that the new custom wood molding goes well with the floor and the color of the walls.

Removal of old molding
To remove the old molding, you can insert a pry bar in the molding and gently pry it loose. It is best to hire an expert in custom wood molding in Brooklyn rather than do it yourself. You can end up hurting the walls. It is important that the whole section of the molding comes off in one piece. Make sure the nails are present when you remove the molding.

Replacing with new molding
The installation of new molding is quite easy. Once you have cut the molding in the measurements, all you need to do is create the required joints and nail the customized wooden molding into the place.

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Finding a Reliable Stairs Manufacturer in New York

Staircase Stair Step Railing Emergence

Custom Stairs are quite in these days but it’s very important you get them installed from a reliable manufacturer. Installation and manufacturing are very important things, and they need a lot of care and experience. If stairs are not installed well then it can be one of the most dangerous components of the house. Design, engineering, and installations are some of the important things that need a lot of care. Therefore, while choosing a company for custom stairs you must keep some of the points in your mind.

  • This is the foremost step that you must check. The method of locating a reliable stairs manufacturer in New York starts with checking that your would-be manufacturer is certified or not.
  • Do a bit of research on the art of designing and manufacturing, and then go ahead and test your proposed custom stairs builder. They should have no problem while answering your questions. If you’re told that it’s not possible to talk to the owner this is of course a negative point that shows that the owner is not at all responsible.  
  • The stairs are one of the items in the house that take a lot of money. So, it is very important to ask for the full flashed expenses that you need to pay after the completion of work that includes- designing, manufacturing, and installing.
  • Ask the type of wood that they are going to use in the staircase. Generally the cherry, Brazilian cherry, maple, poplar, oak etc are some of the common types of woods that are used. You can choose according to your requirements and budget.

If you are living in New York, and want to have custom stairs in your house, consult Second Generation Wood Stairs. The company is a renowned name for building custom designer staircases. They have experienced and professionals in their team. They have successfully installed many staircases in the city. They have sophisticated design tools that enable them to meet the demands and requirements of the customers. If you need stylish stairs in your house then you must contact them.

5 Reasons You Should Install Wood Stairs

Stairs play an important role in a house. They experience the greatest amount of foot traffic so it is required that you must take care of some points while investing money on stairs especially on wood stairs. Choosing a design is the second thing, the main and the most important is to pick the material which is durable, reliable and also gives an attractive look to your home. Stairs made up of wood is something that is used across the world. If you are planning to have stairs in your house, you must read the following points. In this blog, we will discuss some of the reasons that why people love to have wooden stairs in their houses.

wood stairs-

  • If you purchase or install anything in your house the first thing comes to the mind is safety. Before installing the stairs, you always consider whether the stairs are safe for elders and children. Stairs made of wood are the best option for elders, kids or sleepwalkers. If you even slip over them, you will never face problems like fractures.
  • The wooden stairs have high durability. The durability is one of the concerns that people generally put on the main priority. Wood has a great durability. This is the material that can last for many years and even pass on from one generation to another. But the only thing which matters is the installation, maintenance and build of the stairs is done by professionals.
  • It is very important to mention that there are many types of wood that you can choose according to your budget and choice. Oak, poplar, cherry, maple, Brazilian cherry, etc. are some of the types of wooden materials that are used to make wooden staircases. It gives a natural beauty and a royal look to your home. It gives the house a feel of the outdoors and can soften the space, making it feel more relaxing and homely.
  • Cleaning and maintenance is another factor in which wood stairs act very well. Stairs with hardwood floors don’t collect dust or allergens as carpet does. Cleaning process only needs sweeping and mopping.
  • If you have pets in your house then the fabric of carpet can be harmed by them as they have the habit of scratching the floor whereas wood material has excellent property of wear and tear.

If you want to install wood stairs in your house and looking for a professional for designing, manufacturing and installing purposes, consult Second Generation stairs. For more information, visit- http://www.secondgenerationstairs.com/