What kind of wood is perfect for your staircase?

Whether you are building a new house or remodeling your home, it is very crucial that you plan things in advance. Selecting the construction service, selecting the right wood and having a get set of stairs, planning things in advance is something everybody advises. Nonetheless, a home should have a great set of stairs. Stairs are something that are used every day. They need to be incorporated in the blueprints in such a way that they become a significant part of the home.

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While designing stairs, there are several things that need to be taken into consideration. The type of wood is one of them. A good quality wood will make the stairs focal point of your home. It would make the treads secure and make sure that the stairs don’t creak when you walk up and down. Similarly, the vertical kicks plates called riders and the saw-tooth shaped stringers need to be strong as well as elegant. People use different styles to create the stairs such as giving the finishing touch to the stringers and keeping the treads and rises au natural.

Different types of woods
There are a huge variety of woods that are considered perfect by a variety of people for the stairs. Here are a few evergreen wood choices that can be easily incorporated into the homes:

Economical wood choices

Beech: The Beech wood is stronger than maple or oak and is typically reddish-brown in color. It is straight grained.
White Oak: A hard and strong wood, the white oak is an open-grained wood. As it resists warping and shrinking it is considered good wood for fashioning staircases. It is golden in color.
Ash: Ash is grayish-brown wood which is quite strong. It is economical as it grows all over USA and Canada.

Mid-priced wood choices:

Hard Maple: The hard maple wood is extremely hard. With this wood type, you will get the added feature of bird’s-eye or wavy grains. The color often ranges from reddish to nearly white in color.
Birch: It is fine-grained, strong wood type. As birch resists shrinking and warping, it is considered best for custom millwork. It is finishes extremely well.
Red oak: It is hard, strong, and rigid. It has a pronounced open grain. Just like birch, the red oak resists warping. Its reddish color but is a bit hard to cut.

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Why Install Wooden Stairs?

The interior stairs are the important pieces of interior design. They are available in different styles. Choosing the right staircases might sound easy, but you need to pay close attention while choosing them.

Wooden staircases are ideal for indoor stairs. They are classy and complement the look for old and new homes. Wooden stairs have the tendency of looking beautiful as the time passes, especially if properly handled.


The most important thing, wooden stairs are durable and take very less construction time. They can be easily cleaned and can also be varnished for added protection.Wooden stairs in Staten Island are quite popular.

Significance of stairs

Wooden stairs are not only necessary for commuting to the upper floor, but they give an attractive look to the house. Wooden staircases are made up of four components. These are- the wooden stair steps, head or kickboard, striking to the cover edges and a nose for placing in front of stair steps. The concrete stairs also look good but people generally choose wooden stairs because of its advantages.

Advantages of wooden stairs-

Wide range of varieties- There are many varieties of wood which you can choose for your staircase. Some of the common types of wood are-  Poplar, cherry,  Oak, Maple, Brazilian cherry, etc.

Present in bulk quantity and renewable- Supply of the wood is unlimited. Moreover, it is a renewable source unlike some materials like cement or metal. If you want an environment-friendly material for your staircase, then wooden staircase is the best to choose.

Wood is affordable- Cost of the wood depends totally on the wood type, but if you consider a normal wood type then it is quite cheaper than other building materials.

High durability- If you give proper care to the wooden staircase then it is something which can stay for years. Moreover, it hardly requires any maintenance.

Easily replaceable- If you want to change your staircase then it is something that can be replaced or changed easily. The repair or restoration cost is very less.

The wooden spiral staircases look beautiful. If you want to install wooden stairs in Staten Island then consult Second Generation Wood Stairs

Custom Stairs- A Great Look and Feel of Your Home

Stairs are not only used to go up or come down. The staircase is considered as one of the most elegant designer pieces in your home. In different countries, the material used to make a staircase is different. For example- usually in Italy the material used to make staircase is glass whereas in the US the custom stairs are made up of wood.

Information and Guidelines
There are certain requirements that should satisfy the construction rules of the specific area. If you are living in New York, to install custom stairs, it must meet that area’s building code specifications.

custom wood stairs

To install a staircase in your home; Structural engineering calculations and permits are the main requirements. If the concerning authority approves, you can fix the staircase in your home.

Are you seeking to approve and install a stunning custom staircase? And wondering- What permits do you require? How to choose engineer? Here are some necessary precautions to consider. These are-

  • Design- Pick your desired custom stair design. Choose the wood type. As there are various types of wood materials that are used to build a custom staircase. Select the materials for the railing and treads. Specify that area where you want to place the staircase in your house to your engineers. Because after seeing the space the drawing for the stair will then be issued.
  • Engineering- This part will be done of course by the engineer or by the expert team. Engineering section includes all the evaluations, calculations required to build stairs that meet the area’s construction code of requirements.
  • Pulling Permits- The staircase manufacturers will give the final design with every mentioned specification to the approval authority to get the permits. Every city’s requirements are different. Hence, hire a local general contractor to pull the permits and install the stair.
  • Fabrication- After all design, engineering and permits fabrication of stairs is done. Generally, this process is done at the manufacturer’s facility.
  • Installation- This is the final step. After fabrication, the staircase will then be delivered to your house. After completing the installation process, you can enjoy the royal look of the stunning staircase in your home.

If you don’t have the knowledge of the specific codes required to install custom stairs in the state of New York, it’s better to have the professionals advice.

How To Select The Best Quality Molding Supplier

There are a number of reasons because of which some people prefer custom millwork and custom wood turning for their home or for their office places. Custom Molding Staten Island is one of the places where one can find the variety of sizes and shapes at very affordable price.

Custom Molding Staten Island

If you are planning to choose the wood molding then there are a number of questions that usually consider while selecting a supplier. After all, you are going to spend so much of your money and need some decent one. As, there are a number of suppliers in the market but whom to choose and how? Here are some points that will surely help you to find a high-quality molding supplier. The points are-

  • The first thing to consider while selecting the supplier is to choose that one who is able to meet your all needs regarding the size of the wood, shapes, quality and the type of wood you demand. Select the one who has their own inventory and able to fulfill your demands at a time.
  • Experience is one factor that can beat anyone in the market and can give a tough competition to its competitors. So, before selecting just check the experience of the respective supplier.
  • Another advantage of an experienced supplier is that they provide designer, unique, traditional, and eclectic work that offers an attractive look to your workplace or home. The sort of longevity in this field not only shows the volume of the customer regarding its services, but it also shows passion for their work.
  • An established supplier will provide a catalog that provides you an overview and you will have an idea of their work and you will get to know the services they provide.
  •  Variety is another aspect that shows the reliability of the distributor. Variety includes the variety of wood, variety of products, variety of designs. As, if we talk about the wood then there are various types of wood that are used to make various types of products.

The above points regarding high-quality molding supplier will surely help you to find the expertise who deliver you the high quality and unique designs.

Different Materials In Which You Can Get Straight Staircases

straightstaircasessA poorly designed staircase suffers lack of strength, beauty, convenience and durability. However, all these factors also depend on the material that is used to build stairs. Many options are available when it comes to material. But first you need to choose right type of stairs.

If your are choosing straight staircases, then here are some different options that you would like to see in your house.

  • Straight run with a single flight
  • straight run with a series of flight
  • Parallel stairs
  • Angle stairs
  • Scissors stairs

After choosing the right type, you can move on to the materials. Following are some of these options:

  1. Timber: It is the traditional option, which is strong, versatile, and easy to work with. It may require regular maintenance but a wooden staircase looks elegant and versatile. Every single piece of timber is different from the other piece, so it provides versatility. It also increases value because of the color difference in all pieces. Choose the kind of wood and color that will suit your staircase the best.
  1. Glass: Glass staircases allow the light to flow easily between rooms and different levels in a house. These stairways are made up of two or three layers of glass that are laminated together to make the structure strong. It offers a large variety in colors and designs. It is a good option to add contemporary glamour to your interior. Glass stairs are well complemented with metallic handrails.
  1. Metal: These are less heavy in appearance than timber and perfect for straight or spiral stairs. They look great with glass railings.
  1. Stone or concrete: Stone or concrete stairs will give your house a traditional look. For interiors, stones like marble and granite, are used as a cladding material for concrete and brick staircase. Stone is extremely durable, easy to maintain and moisture resistant.

All these materials will significantly help to add to the elegance of your home. Look of the staircase will lend the desired theme to your home.

Looking For a Custom Millwork for Your Home?

cutom2Have you ever been in a home that had an interior you have been impressed by? These type of interiors can be designed by skilled designers and you can get any design from custom millwork in brooklyn.

Millwork includes the ready-made carpentry material that can be installed directly with little or no modification.The materials used in millwork are most often graded-lumber, various glasses and decorative coatings and finishes.

Many of the specific features of a home like door, window casing, staircase and cabinets, are constructed using different types of architectural millwork.

You can get the resources that will help you visualize what the product will look like, so you are satisfied before a single piece of wood is milled. The professionals will assist you in selecting materials, profiles and even help design custom profiles that your project requires.

In a custom millwork shop you can find products like:

  •    Mantels
  •    Prefinished Product
  •    Prehung  Doors
  •    Stair Parts
  •    Custom Cabinetry
  •    Materials in a wide variety of wood species and PVC
  •    Bent and curved pieces

You can use any of the designed products for installation in your home or you can guide the professionals to customize the product for you.

Custom molding professionals offer you different profiles for molding like:

  •    Backband
  •    Cove and Bead
  •    Neck Mould
  •    Panel Mould
  •    Picture Mould
  •    Bar rails
  •    Base and cap

Everyone wants their own special touch in their home’s interior to make it stand out amongst the ordinary. Take a look around your home and find where there is a need for customization. Just replacing the material can lend a new look to your interiors.

Why Choose Custom made Stairs


A beautifully designed staircase can add an old world charm to your house’s interior decoration. It can bring a rustic and classic look to your home. Investing in the designing and installation of a staircase that has been especially made to suit the dimensions and style of your house, is a great way to enhance the value of your property and add to its beauty.

This is true not only for residential properties but for commercial establishments as well. If you own a restaurant or a hotel then you can well appreciate the impact a beautifully made staircase can have on the customers you wish to cater to. From the moment they enter your establishment they will be awestruck by the majesty of an expertly crafted stairway made of fine materials. It will raise the status of your restaurant or hotel and you will find yourself the recipient of lavish praise.

Such is the scope of the grand impression that a custom stairs made of the finest materials in the beautiful designs by experienced and skilled professionals can have. One look is enough to bowl over your guests. Stairways that are installed in homes come in a variety of designs ranging from the contemporary to the old classic designs.

Staircases are often considered just another piece of furniture in your house but this could not be farther from the truth. They are a permanent feature of your house that figures prominently in your home’s interior design and can tie the whole look together.

There are a number of skilled providers of custom stairs and if you live near Brooklyn, you can find some of the best craftsmen in the country who design, manufacture and install custom stairs in Brooklyn. They leverage their creativity, innovation and skill to create amazing masterpieces that are worthy of the name.