Why Have A Custom-Made Staircase For Your Home?

Having one or more custom-made staircase at your home can become a piece of artistic beauty and attraction. Choosing natural timber as a construction material for your staircase building project, the appealing wood grains, hues, and textures will give an outstanding natural appearance to the interiors of your home. There are many companies expert in custom millwork that provides custom-made staircase for a residential and commercial building.

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You can also choose a more contemporary glass and steel staircase, you will adore the streamlined, sleek elegance of a pleasing, subtle design.

When you discuss your ever-wanted custom-made staircases with your top quality home renovators and builders, you will come across many design options. Whether you prefer an ultra-modern sleek design in glass and steel, or beautiful natural timber stairs, your building team and experts design can construct your ideal staircase.

Reasons To Have A Custom-Made Staircases In Your Home

Here are some of the reasons to construct a customized staircase in your home:

  • Convenient – If you have constructed two new staircases in your home, one in the front and other in the back part of your home, you and your family member can reach any area of your home easily and quickly. If your house has three or four floors, you can enjoy an easy access to all floors from anywhere and anytime.
  • Aesthetic Value – The appearance and aesthetic value of your home will enhance incredibly with the design and installation of custom-made staircases. Customized staircases will present your design choices and your preferred building materials. In case, you have selected creative stairway designs in Tasmanian Oak, Spotted Gum, elegant Victorian Ash or Grey Ironbark,  the natural beauty and purity of the hardwood incorporated with a unique, eye-catching design will profoundly improve the complete aesthetic values of your home’s interior decor.
  • Market Value – Installing a custom-designed staircase in your home will certainly increase the market value of your home. Whether you have ultra-sleek steel and glass staircase or an elegant hardwood stairway, your new custom-made stairs will increase the current economic value of your home noticeably.

Are you looking for a company expert in custom millwork for constructing your new staircase? Contact Second Generation Wood Stairs. They master the art of crafting handmade customized wooden staircases for the residential and commercial building.


Steps for Replacing the Old Wooden Molding with New

One of the biggest responsibilities of a homeowner is to give your home fresh chic appearance. However, it would be stupid to splurge money in huge renovations that might go out of trend in an year or so. The best way to keep your home elegant and trendy without investing huge money is to update your wood moldings. Custom wood molding in Brooklyn is in trend. It gives your home an entirely new appearance with less money and minimum effort.


The process of removing and installing a custom wood molding depends upon the old molding that is being replaced. There are certain steps that need to be taken:

Whether you are replacing a certain section or the whole wooden molding, it is extremely necessary to take right measurements. Make sure you measure the height, length and thickness of the molding that you are replacing. While replacing the section, make sure that the new molding matches the old molding. If you are replacing the whole molding, you have to make sure that the new custom wood molding goes well with the floor and the color of the walls.

Removal of old molding
To remove the old molding, you can insert a pry bar in the molding and gently pry it loose. It is best to hire an expert in custom wood molding in Brooklyn rather than do it yourself. You can end up hurting the walls. It is important that the whole section of the molding comes off in one piece. Make sure the nails are present when you remove the molding.

Replacing with new molding
The installation of new molding is quite easy. Once you have cut the molding in the measurements, all you need to do is create the required joints and nail the customized wooden molding into the place.

Want to add a custom wood molding at your home? Consult Second Generation Stairs. They are the renowned wooden stairs makers and custom wood molding in Brooklyn.

What kind of wood is perfect for your staircase?

Whether you are building a new house or remodeling your home, it is very crucial that you plan things in advance. Selecting the construction service, selecting the right wood and having a get set of stairs, planning things in advance is something everybody advises. Nonetheless, a home should have a great set of stairs. Stairs are something that are used every day. They need to be incorporated in the blueprints in such a way that they become a significant part of the home.

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While designing stairs, there are several things that need to be taken into consideration. The type of wood is one of them. A good quality wood will make the stairs focal point of your home. It would make the treads secure and make sure that the stairs don’t creak when you walk up and down. Similarly, the vertical kicks plates called riders and the saw-tooth shaped stringers need to be strong as well as elegant. People use different styles to create the stairs such as giving the finishing touch to the stringers and keeping the treads and rises au natural.

Different types of woods
There are a huge variety of woods that are considered perfect by a variety of people for the stairs. Here are a few evergreen wood choices that can be easily incorporated into the homes:

Economical wood choices

Beech: The Beech wood is stronger than maple or oak and is typically reddish-brown in color. It is straight grained.
White Oak: A hard and strong wood, the white oak is an open-grained wood. As it resists warping and shrinking it is considered good wood for fashioning staircases. It is golden in color.
Ash: Ash is grayish-brown wood which is quite strong. It is economical as it grows all over USA and Canada.

Mid-priced wood choices:

Hard Maple: The hard maple wood is extremely hard. With this wood type, you will get the added feature of bird’s-eye or wavy grains. The color often ranges from reddish to nearly white in color.
Birch: It is fine-grained, strong wood type. As birch resists shrinking and warping, it is considered best for custom millwork. It is finishes extremely well.
Red oak: It is hard, strong, and rigid. It has a pronounced open grain. Just like birch, the red oak resists warping. Its reddish color but is a bit hard to cut.

Thinking of giving your home a redo? Consult Second Generation Wood Stairs. They have 30 years of experience and are renowned for the finest custom millwork in Brooklyn.

How To Select The Best Quality Molding Supplier

There are a number of reasons because of which some people prefer custom millwork and custom wood turning for their home or for their office places. Custom Molding Staten Island is one of the places where one can find the variety of sizes and shapes at very affordable price.

Custom Molding Staten Island

If you are planning to choose the wood molding then there are a number of questions that usually consider while selecting a supplier. After all, you are going to spend so much of your money and need some decent one. As, there are a number of suppliers in the market but whom to choose and how? Here are some points that will surely help you to find a high-quality molding supplier. The points are-

  • The first thing to consider while selecting the supplier is to choose that one who is able to meet your all needs regarding the size of the wood, shapes, quality and the type of wood you demand. Select the one who has their own inventory and able to fulfill your demands at a time.
  • Experience is one factor that can beat anyone in the market and can give a tough competition to its competitors. So, before selecting just check the experience of the respective supplier.
  • Another advantage of an experienced supplier is that they provide designer, unique, traditional, and eclectic work that offers an attractive look to your workplace or home. The sort of longevity in this field not only shows the volume of the customer regarding its services, but it also shows passion for their work.
  • An established supplier will provide a catalog that provides you an overview and you will have an idea of their work and you will get to know the services they provide.
  •  Variety is another aspect that shows the reliability of the distributor. Variety includes the variety of wood, variety of products, variety of designs. As, if we talk about the wood then there are various types of wood that are used to make various types of products.

The above points regarding high-quality molding supplier will surely help you to find the expertise who deliver you the high quality and unique designs.

Wooden Spiral Staircases: An Incredible Centerpiece Of Your Home

For an excellent looking home, the installation of Wooden Spiral Staircases can be an intelligent idea as it is an ideal upgrade to your home. Most of the people think that this is a highly troublesome errand to finish. To beautify your home, you can customize the spiral staircases as per your choice.


To Enhance The Style Of Your Home Decor

To enhance the curb appeal of your home, the specified the wooden spiral stairs can be added to your exterior of your home. Add an unusual stairway to your deck and make the exterior of your home looking more attractive and appealing to the viewers.

Sit in your garden and admire strolling down the exquisite expansion to your home. Contact a reputed service provider who can offer the staircase services at a very reasonable cost without compromising the quality. Discuss the following things with your service provider:

  • Give the estimations of the staircase
  • The style you are occupied with
  • The type of wood you might want your spiral staircase to be made out of
  • The railing style

Top Reasons To Choose Spiral Staircase

Cost-Efficient And Space-Saving: When it comes to redecorating the house, many ideas strikes to our mind. Installing a staircase has many benefits for a one on a tight budget. To create a new centerpiece in a limited space, spiral staircase is the best option.

  • Style: These staircases come in different styles and widths. The traditional circular design comes with metal or wooden finishes and can be used indoor as well as outdoor. There are many outdoor styles that come with anti-skid plates, in order to avoid the injuries.
  • Easy To Install: It is quite easy to set up the spiral staircase as they come with installation kits. It hardly takes more than eight hours, depending on how the service provider works on the project.

Install the spiral staircase and ensure the safety of anyone who makes the climb.


Enhance The Aesthetic Value of Your Home With The Right Staircase Option | Custom Mill Work Brooklyn

Do you aspire to get a custom made staircases for your home? There are a number of companies, offering the best Custom Millwork Services for residential buildings in Brooklyn. No one can deny the excellent use of the custom made stairs as they enhance the beauty of your home as a beauty mark.


It is a fact that everyone can’t help you to get the appealing staircase design for your property. All you need is an assistance of a professional who can create a unique piece of art for the beauty of your residential areas. Many companies are offering the amazing and best quality staircases that fit into a certain area.

This is an investment that needs some time and skilled hands of a professional. Custom staircase beautifies your property, if the task of installation is done properly. There are many things to consider when you plan for the custom made staircases. The following tips can help you a lot before taking the staircase services from a certain service provider:

  • Consultation: Always consult a professional before hiring a company for the staircase services. You should have an appropriate estimation about the space of the location and size of the staircase. Consider the height of the stairs, structural support and your preferences. You must discuss about your expectations. Let the professional know about your limitations.
  • Detailed Information: Further, you need to know about the type of wood that you want to use for your project. The type of the wood can be selected, keeping in mind your budget limit. It is also a good choice to use an antique heart pine as its material is usually derived from recycled products. To eradicate all the imperfections, it is re-milled. It is reused in a very fabulous way. This material is preferred the most as it gives elegance and a unique outlook to your home. The negative aspects is that it is not easy to find because of the shortage of the wooden resources.

It is not sufficient enough only to plan about the type of the wood. There are many other things that you need to consider including, the insertion of architectural elements etc.


Looking For a Custom Millwork for Your Home?

cutom2Have you ever been in a home that had an interior you have been impressed by? These type of interiors can be designed by skilled designers and you can get any design from custom millwork in brooklyn.

Millwork includes the ready-made carpentry material that can be installed directly with little or no modification.The materials used in millwork are most often graded-lumber, various glasses and decorative coatings and finishes.

Many of the specific features of a home like door, window casing, staircase and cabinets, are constructed using different types of architectural millwork.

You can get the resources that will help you visualize what the product will look like, so you are satisfied before a single piece of wood is milled. The professionals will assist you in selecting materials, profiles and even help design custom profiles that your project requires.

In a custom millwork shop you can find products like:

  •    Mantels
  •    Prefinished Product
  •    Prehung  Doors
  •    Stair Parts
  •    Custom Cabinetry
  •    Materials in a wide variety of wood species and PVC
  •    Bent and curved pieces

You can use any of the designed products for installation in your home or you can guide the professionals to customize the product for you.

Custom molding professionals offer you different profiles for molding like:

  •    Backband
  •    Cove and Bead
  •    Neck Mould
  •    Panel Mould
  •    Picture Mould
  •    Bar rails
  •    Base and cap

Everyone wants their own special touch in their home’s interior to make it stand out amongst the ordinary. Take a look around your home and find where there is a need for customization. Just replacing the material can lend a new look to your interiors.