Finding a Reliable Stairs Manufacturer in New York

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Custom Stairs are quite in these days but it’s very important you get them installed from a reliable manufacturer. Installation and manufacturing are very important things, and they need a lot of care and experience. If stairs are not installed well then it can be one of the most dangerous components of the house. Design, engineering, and installations are some of the important things that need a lot of care. Therefore, while choosing a company for custom stairs you must keep some of the points in your mind.

  • This is the foremost step that you must check. The method of locating a reliable stairs manufacturer in New York starts with checking that your would-be manufacturer is certified or not.
  • Do a bit of research on the art of designing and manufacturing, and then go ahead and test your proposed custom stairs builder. They should have no problem while answering your questions. If you’re told that it’s not possible to talk to the owner this is of course a negative point that shows that the owner is not at all responsible.  
  • The stairs are one of the items in the house that take a lot of money. So, it is very important to ask for the full flashed expenses that you need to pay after the completion of work that includes- designing, manufacturing, and installing.
  • Ask the type of wood that they are going to use in the staircase. Generally the cherry, Brazilian cherry, maple, poplar, oak etc are some of the common types of woods that are used. You can choose according to your requirements and budget.

If you are living in New York, and want to have custom stairs in your house, consult Second Generation Wood Stairs. The company is a renowned name for building custom designer staircases. They have experienced and professionals in their team. They have successfully installed many staircases in the city. They have sophisticated design tools that enable them to meet the demands and requirements of the customers. If you need stylish stairs in your house then you must contact them.


Custom Stairs- A Great Look and Feel of Your Home

Stairs are not only used to go up or come down. The staircase is considered as one of the most elegant designer pieces in your home. In different countries, the material used to make a staircase is different. For example- usually in Italy the material used to make staircase is glass whereas in the US the custom stairs are made up of wood.

Information and Guidelines
There are certain requirements that should satisfy the construction rules of the specific area. If you are living in New York, to install custom stairs, it must meet that area’s building code specifications.

custom wood stairs

To install a staircase in your home; Structural engineering calculations and permits are the main requirements. If the concerning authority approves, you can fix the staircase in your home.

Are you seeking to approve and install a stunning custom staircase? And wondering- What permits do you require? How to choose engineer? Here are some necessary precautions to consider. These are-

  • Design- Pick your desired custom stair design. Choose the wood type. As there are various types of wood materials that are used to build a custom staircase. Select the materials for the railing and treads. Specify that area where you want to place the staircase in your house to your engineers. Because after seeing the space the drawing for the stair will then be issued.
  • Engineering- This part will be done of course by the engineer or by the expert team. Engineering section includes all the evaluations, calculations required to build stairs that meet the area’s construction code of requirements.
  • Pulling Permits- The staircase manufacturers will give the final design with every mentioned specification to the approval authority to get the permits. Every city’s requirements are different. Hence, hire a local general contractor to pull the permits and install the stair.
  • Fabrication- After all design, engineering and permits fabrication of stairs is done. Generally, this process is done at the manufacturer’s facility.
  • Installation- This is the final step. After fabrication, the staircase will then be delivered to your house. After completing the installation process, you can enjoy the royal look of the stunning staircase in your home.

If you don’t have the knowledge of the specific codes required to install custom stairs in the state of New York, it’s better to have the professionals advice.

Points To Ponder Before You Choose Custom Wood Stairs

The stylish, chic implementation, feel and use of custom wood stairs can hardly be undermined, no matter you choose to use them as a beauty symbol, or a necessity. However, you need to know that is is not possible for everyone to design custom wood stairs that can leave people spellbound. They not just need to be functional, but must also satisfy certain regulations. However, there are companies that can provide you the most fitting stairs as per your penchant. If done in the right sense, these stairs can truly leave you mesmerized.


The first and the foremost thing before you actually finalize the installation of wooden stairs is to consult a professional. Let him visit your place, review the settings, ask for your preferences and then provide solution as to what wooden stairs will be the best fit for you.

custom stairs


Now once you know what you need and the budget, you can choose the kind of wood to be used for your project. You may well consider using the antique heart pine, a material made from recycled products and re-milled to ensure all the imperfections are removed. However, it is a bit hard to find and therefore you need an expert consultant who can provide you these limited resources.

Architectural elements

However, there’s much more than you need to decide rather than just the type of wood to be used. Next comes the architectural components that you intend to use, for instance wreathed volutes, recessed panels, balusters, and so on. Some people might prefer to use a combo of wood and wrought iron, which clearly leads to a better display. Other factors that you might need to take care of are wood grains, coloring or polish, etc.

As lots of time is consumed in planning perfectly for a decent custom wooden stairs, you must consider working on the task from now onwards itself. Make sure you find a company that specializes in making these types of wooden stairs and have plenty of portfolio items, and customer reviews, to showcase before you make up your mind. When you are completely done with making and installing custom wood stairs you will notice that these have made your home look a real marvel.

Why Choose Custom made Stairs


A beautifully designed staircase can add an old world charm to your house’s interior decoration. It can bring a rustic and classic look to your home. Investing in the designing and installation of a staircase that has been especially made to suit the dimensions and style of your house, is a great way to enhance the value of your property and add to its beauty.

This is true not only for residential properties but for commercial establishments as well. If you own a restaurant or a hotel then you can well appreciate the impact a beautifully made staircase can have on the customers you wish to cater to. From the moment they enter your establishment they will be awestruck by the majesty of an expertly crafted stairway made of fine materials. It will raise the status of your restaurant or hotel and you will find yourself the recipient of lavish praise.

Such is the scope of the grand impression that a custom stairs made of the finest materials in the beautiful designs by experienced and skilled professionals can have. One look is enough to bowl over your guests. Stairways that are installed in homes come in a variety of designs ranging from the contemporary to the old classic designs.

Staircases are often considered just another piece of furniture in your house but this could not be farther from the truth. They are a permanent feature of your house that figures prominently in your home’s interior design and can tie the whole look together.

There are a number of skilled providers of custom stairs and if you live near Brooklyn, you can find some of the best craftsmen in the country who design, manufacture and install custom stairs in Brooklyn. They leverage their creativity, innovation and skill to create amazing masterpieces that are worthy of the name.

What Major Aspects to Consider While Choosing a Staircase?


Staircases are very popular these days. With different options available such as straight, custom, or curved staircases, you can choose the one according to your need and preference.

Staircases are there in every house and they play a major role in enhancing the home decor. Apart from serving as a decorative item, it also acts as a safety feature for your home.

Choosing the right staircase for your house is not an easy task. Therefore, if you are looking for a staircase, here are some of the important things that you need to consider while choosing a staircase-

  • Budget– This is one of the foremost factors that you need to consider. While looking for a staircase, make sure to choose the one that best fits your budget and requirements.

  • Space– Take an estimate of the total space available in the house. If you have ample of space available, you can opt for a larger and more decorative staircase design. However, if you are shortage of space you can choose the one that that can easily fit in the space available. In addition, you can also get custom designed staircases according to space available.

  • Safety– Always make sure that the staircase you choose is safe for the children or any elderly member in the house. The gaps on the staircase should be normal so that it is easy for the children to climb up the stairs without any risk.

  • Staircase designs-With different types of staircase designs available in the market, it becomes difficult to choose the best and the right staircase for the house. Therefore, it is always advisable to consult companies that will assist you in finding just the right and the perfect staircase according to your house.

  • Building regulations– It is very important for you to consult the local building inspector before purchasing any stairs. You can discuss your requirements with him to make sure that the staircase design you choose comply with the building regulations.

Therefore, if you are looking for staircases make sure to consider the aforementioned factors before purchasing any one for your house.

5 Popular Type Of Stairs Often Chosen While Constructing Building!

If you are planning to renovate your building, you need to lay emphasis on various factors and most importantly, you need to look into the type of stairs you want to get build in your property.

Stairs are available in different type and styles. According to your choice and preference, you can choose the most optimal option that suits your budget.NY_Brownstone_Ad_for_MP

Six type of stairs that are popularly chosen while constructing building-

Straight run stair– These stairs are straight in shape and is built in a place where lot of space is available. These are easy to build, and required no landing & railing.

L-Shaped Stair– These stairways form 90-degree turn and are suitable for homes that have either less or more space. These look attractive as compared to other stairs. Moreover, these are safer to climb than straight stairs.

U-Shaped Stair– These stairways are in shape of wide or narrow U-Shape. These are not suitable for all houses because space matters a lot while building these. These are optimal for spaces where tighter floor plans and multi-level structures are available.

Spiral Stair– These are very popular type of stairs. Elegance and use of minimal space for constructing these make it a prior choice of homeowners. In addition to these two major reasons, compactness, use extensively on city lofts, attractiveness, and no need of extra support structures are few other features that make it a popular choice.

Curved stair– These are designed in curve form that makes easy for people to walk.

Winder stairs– As compared to other stairways, these provide less space. It is in form of L shaped. A rest point is available on the stairways that provide an advantage to people to rest.

Reading the aforementioned type of stairs, you must have got an idea about different stair types that are commonly preferred by owners while constructing their building. If you are looking forward to build or revamp your home or office, then sit down with your designer or stairs manufacturer and choose the most optimal option.

While choosing a manufacturer in NY for stairs you will come across countless options. You need to be very peculiar while making a choice and choose the best provider. Surfing internet is a great option for searching a reliable manufacturer. You will get a list of providers in your town. All that you need to do is have words with each one of them and choose one whom you find is suitable.

Why Custom Designed Staircase Is A Good Idea For Your House?

customstairssWhile planning the design of your house, choosing the right type of staircase is not an easy task. However, it is very important to choose the type of staircase that best matches your house exterior as well as interior. Moreover, make sure the stair you choose should ensure the safety of everyone living in the house as number of accidents occurs because of defective staircases. Therefore, in this case getting custom stairs in New York according to your own preference is the best choice. Moreover, you will not have shortage of designs and options, when it comes to custom stairs.

However, getting custom-designed staircases for your house has number of advantages. Such as-

  • Creativity– Do you have shortage of space or narrow space in your house? Do you want a stair according to your design? Well, in this case it is better to have stairs that are designed according to one’s needs and preferences. Getting a custom stairs can solve all the issues. For example- if you are shortage of space in your house and want a stair, you can get custom stairs according to the exact requirement. From all the different types of stairs available, you can ask the engineer to customize the one, which well suits with the theme of your house. The stairs, which are custom built, generally fits to any space available.

  • Fit and finish– The custom stairs are designed according to your choice and requirement so that they can fit easily in the space for which they are designed. The finish of your stairs will be just according to your imagination and style. In addition, you can even select the type of material, design, and color that you want for your stairs. In other words, you can create unique stairs of your choice.

  • Cost effective option– It is a cost effective option as the total cost depends on the type of material that you will use for your stairs. You need to hire a special architect for the approval of the designs and the only expenditure will of the on the contractor that you will hire for the installation of the stairs. Therefore, getting a custom stairs for your house is a cost effective option.