5 Popular Type Of Stairs Often Chosen While Constructing Building!

If you are planning to renovate your building, you need to lay emphasis on various factors and most importantly, you need to look into the type of stairs you want to get build in your property.

Stairs are available in different type and styles. According to your choice and preference, you can choose the most optimal option that suits your budget.NY_Brownstone_Ad_for_MP

Six type of stairs that are popularly chosen while constructing building-

Straight run stair– These stairs are straight in shape and is built in a place where lot of space is available. These are easy to build, and required no landing & railing.

L-Shaped Stair– These stairways form 90-degree turn and are suitable for homes that have either less or more space. These look attractive as compared to other stairs. Moreover, these are safer to climb than straight stairs.

U-Shaped Stair– These stairways are in shape of wide or narrow U-Shape. These are not suitable for all houses because space matters a lot while building these. These are optimal for spaces where tighter floor plans and multi-level structures are available.

Spiral Stair– These are very popular type of stairs. Elegance and use of minimal space for constructing these make it a prior choice of homeowners. In addition to these two major reasons, compactness, use extensively on city lofts, attractiveness, and no need of extra support structures are few other features that make it a popular choice.

Curved stair– These are designed in curve form that makes easy for people to walk.

Winder stairs– As compared to other stairways, these provide less space. It is in form of L shaped. A rest point is available on the stairways that provide an advantage to people to rest.

Reading the aforementioned type of stairs, you must have got an idea about different stair types that are commonly preferred by owners while constructing their building. If you are looking forward to build or revamp your home or office, then sit down with your designer or stairs manufacturer and choose the most optimal option.

While choosing a manufacturer in NY for stairs you will come across countless options. You need to be very peculiar while making a choice and choose the best provider. Surfing internet is a great option for searching a reliable manufacturer. You will get a list of providers in your town. All that you need to do is have words with each one of them and choose one whom you find is suitable.


Top 3 Reasons Why Custom Designed Stairways Are Becoming Popular

customstairsChoosing the right type of staircase for a house is very important. Moreover, choosing the stairs that matches and suits one house is often very difficult. In this case, one must prefer getting custom designed stairways, according to their preferences and choices.

There are number of benefits of getting a custom designed staircase. Most importantly, you will not have shortage of designs and options, when you choose custom stairs. Some other benefits include-

  • The foremost advantage is that the custom staircases are designed according to the preference and requirement of the customer. Moreover, one can get the exact size of the stairs for the area they want. You can also select the type of material, design, and style of stairs you want for your house. Make sure you select the design that suits the overall theme of your house. You can tell the experts the design of the stairs that you want and they will deliver you the exact type of stairs just according to your taste and style.

  • Getting a custom stair is the most cost effective option available as the overall expenditure depends on the type of design, material, and style that you will choose for the stairs you want. However, make sure to consult an architect to get the estimated cost on overall procedure. The only expenditure will be on the installation process of the stairs and the charges that the contractor will charge, in case you hire one. However, it is not always necessary to take help of the professional, as you will mostly be provided with the installation kit. With the help of the installation kit, one can easily setup and install the stairs.

  • The custom stairs are the best option, if you have shortage of space in the house. In this case, you can get stairs designed exactly according to the space available. In addition to this, you can even get any stair of your choice customized according to your preference and requirement. However, make sure that the stair you choose matches the overall theme of your house and enhances the look of your property.

Why Custom Designed Staircase Is A Good Idea For Your House?

customstairssWhile planning the design of your house, choosing the right type of staircase is not an easy task. However, it is very important to choose the type of staircase that best matches your house exterior as well as interior. Moreover, make sure the stair you choose should ensure the safety of everyone living in the house as number of accidents occurs because of defective staircases. Therefore, in this case getting custom stairs in New York according to your own preference is the best choice. Moreover, you will not have shortage of designs and options, when it comes to custom stairs.

However, getting custom-designed staircases for your house has number of advantages. Such as-

  • Creativity– Do you have shortage of space or narrow space in your house? Do you want a stair according to your design? Well, in this case it is better to have stairs that are designed according to one’s needs and preferences. Getting a custom stairs can solve all the issues. For example- if you are shortage of space in your house and want a stair, you can get custom stairs according to the exact requirement. From all the different types of stairs available, you can ask the engineer to customize the one, which well suits with the theme of your house. The stairs, which are custom built, generally fits to any space available.

  • Fit and finish– The custom stairs are designed according to your choice and requirement so that they can fit easily in the space for which they are designed. The finish of your stairs will be just according to your imagination and style. In addition, you can even select the type of material, design, and color that you want for your stairs. In other words, you can create unique stairs of your choice.

  • Cost effective option– It is a cost effective option as the total cost depends on the type of material that you will use for your stairs. You need to hire a special architect for the approval of the designs and the only expenditure will of the on the contractor that you will hire for the installation of the stairs. Therefore, getting a custom stairs for your house is a cost effective option.

Why landing is necessary in wooden stairs?

Landing has been an essential part of wood stairs for decades. It is the flat part or piece in staircases that can be built on different heights. Most people like to install landings in their staircases. But, what is the importance of this small part of stairways? Why is it essential to install it in stairways?

Following are the aspects for which one should install landing in their staircases –

Open-Timber-Staircase-Newmacher-Aberdeenshire-6-highSafety – Landing is installed in stairs mostly for the safety purpose. In case someone falls on stairways, it works as a blockage for the fall. It stops person from descending on stairways too much effectively preventing more injuries. This is the reason why most people prefer on getting a flat part on too long staircases. Landing is usually used in too long straight stairs or in curved ones.

Resting point – It also provides a resting point to climbers while ascending on stairs. If you have small children or elderly members in your family, who find it difficult to climb staircases, then you must get a landing on staircases. It increases the convenient level for climbers. It works as a resting point where one can stop for several seconds, regain their breath then continue ascending.

Decoration point – It also works as a decoration points in both, houses or offices. A flat and wide point in stairs provides you the opportunity to enhance your interior’s beauty. You can put flowerpots, vase, or any other decoration item on this flat piece. It not only works as convenience, but it also works as a decoration point.

Landing can be installed on various heights such as in middle, near bottom or near start. It is made in different angles such as 90 degree or 180 degree according to the building’s requirements and space. You can discuss it with your stairs builder and get the best landing for your house or office. In addition, you must pay attention to your building codes and local laws. It is essential to build stairways according to rules and regulation.

Furthermore, you must hire a company that has experience in building variety of staircases. It includes curved, straight and spiral. Choose wisely since it is very difficult to build or renovate house again. Choose a firm that has trained and experienced professionals for workers. It ensures the quality of their work. Discuss your requirements and expectations with them. You can also give your input regarding style or designs of stairs.