2018 Home Trends : Outdoor Spiral Staircase

2018 is the year of minimalism. It is the year making sure that all home renovations you want are done in the manner you want. One thing that majority of homeowners want is an outdoor spiral staircase. While the spiral staircase can be added anywhere on the property, outdoor deck is the perfect place for outdoor stairs.
There are several advantages of outdoor spiral stairs in NY and it is necessary that you know all about them before you add one to your home:


  • Space Saving
    One of the leading reasons on opting the outdoor spiral staircase is the space. If you do not want a staircase in your home, you should go for an outdoor staircase. However, be sure that you have enough deck space so that the staircase can easily fit.
  • Numerous Location Options
    There is one problem that comes up while building a spiral staircase: location. Whether you want to build a staircase in your office or on the deck of your home, these stairs have a smaller footprint than the traditional stairs and offer huge flexibility in terms of architecture. The homeowners can opt to connect multiple levels easily with the spiral staircases.
  • Multiple Sizes, Colors, & Styles To Choose From
    The best part about adding spiral stairs in your home is that it can be customized in any way. Homeowners can choose from materials such as wood, steel, or combination of both and choose to style the handrails or other elements of stairs. The outdoor stairs are both styles as well as function.
  • Cost-Effective
    The spiral staircases are measures and cut properly which makes it very cost effective. It also ensures that the installation cost is also lower than the traditional stairs of the same size.
  • A Must Add Feature Of The Home
    Every home needs a staircase and when you got to add one, why not make it the unique and distinctive. The spiral staircases are known to increase the monetary value of the home. They are also a great way to add a dramatic flair to your minimalist home

As the latest trend, the outdoor spiral stairs are being added to the homes. If you want to incorporate the stairs into your home, consult Second Generation Wood Stairs. With there 30 years of experience, they are the leading creators of custom spiral stairs in NY.


Wide Range Of Stairs Types To Choose From

The form of the staircase in plan decides its type. According to their form the staircases can be with spiral flights, straight flights, arched flights and swinging flights. When choosing the type of the staircase the following characteristics shall be taken into account:

– intensity of usage,

– designation of the staircase,

– the form of the place which has been allocated for staircase construction.

custom spiral staircase

The location of the staircase have a direct impact on functional usage and convenience of the staircase. They are sometimes just simply straight, straight with landings, spiral and helical staircases.

  • Straight stairs

Despite its simple looks, it is convenient and functional. It is easy to go up and down it and carry things on the next floor. The amount of treads should not exceed 16 in one straight flight.

  • Quarter Landing Stairs

Quarter Landing Stairs represent different varieties of straight stairs, which also include a landing. When we need to change the direction of fight by 90 degrees, quarter landing stairs are used. The landing often changes its position in the flight from its beginning to its end. Staircases of this type are more safe and convenient than straight staircases.

  • Compact Stairs

These stairs occupy minimum space in the house. Because of the distinctive shape of their treads they are quite often called sambo stairs. They are extremely inconvenient, there is a fear of falling down the stairs; consequently, the usage of such stairs is usually limited. They are installed where there is particularly little movement.

  • Spiral Stairs

Stair flight of this type of stairs resembles to a circle. Due to their spiral shape, such staircases look very functional but such staircases are not much convenient for frequent use in view of fast climbing up and down on a confined area. You can have custom spiral staircase built according to your requirements and expense.