Wooden Spiral Staircases: An Incredible Centerpiece Of Your Home

For an excellent looking home, the installation of Wooden Spiral Staircases can be an intelligent idea as it is an ideal upgrade to your home. Most of the people think that this is a highly troublesome errand to finish. To beautify your home, you can customize the spiral staircases as per your choice.


To Enhance The Style Of Your Home Decor

To enhance the curb appeal of your home, the specified the wooden spiral stairs can be added to your exterior of your home. Add an unusual stairway to your deck and make the exterior of your home looking more attractive and appealing to the viewers.

Sit in your garden and admire strolling down the exquisite expansion to your home. Contact a reputed service provider who can offer the staircase services at a very reasonable cost without compromising the quality. Discuss the following things with your service provider:

  • Give the estimations of the staircase
  • The style you are occupied with
  • The type of wood you might want your spiral staircase to be made out of
  • The railing style

Top Reasons To Choose Spiral Staircase

Cost-Efficient And Space-Saving: When it comes to redecorating the house, many ideas strikes to our mind. Installing a staircase has many benefits for a one on a tight budget. To create a new centerpiece in a limited space, spiral staircase is the best option.

  • Style: These staircases come in different styles and widths. The traditional circular design comes with metal or wooden finishes and can be used indoor as well as outdoor. There are many outdoor styles that come with anti-skid plates, in order to avoid the injuries.
  • Easy To Install: It is quite easy to set up the spiral staircase as they come with installation kits. It hardly takes more than eight hours, depending on how the service provider works on the project.

Install the spiral staircase and ensure the safety of anyone who makes the climb.



Enhance The Aesthetic Value of Your Home With The Right Staircase Option | Custom Mill Work Brooklyn

Do you aspire to get a custom made staircases for your home? There are a number of companies, offering the best Custom Millwork Services for residential buildings in Brooklyn. No one can deny the excellent use of the custom made stairs as they enhance the beauty of your home as a beauty mark.


It is a fact that everyone can’t help you to get the appealing staircase design for your property. All you need is an assistance of a professional who can create a unique piece of art for the beauty of your residential areas. Many companies are offering the amazing and best quality staircases that fit into a certain area.

This is an investment that needs some time and skilled hands of a professional. Custom staircase beautifies your property, if the task of installation is done properly. There are many things to consider when you plan for the custom made staircases. The following tips can help you a lot before taking the staircase services from a certain service provider:

  • Consultation: Always consult a professional before hiring a company for the staircase services. You should have an appropriate estimation about the space of the location and size of the staircase. Consider the height of the stairs, structural support and your preferences. You must discuss about your expectations. Let the professional know about your limitations.
  • Detailed Information: Further, you need to know about the type of wood that you want to use for your project. The type of the wood can be selected, keeping in mind your budget limit. It is also a good choice to use an antique heart pine as its material is usually derived from recycled products. To eradicate all the imperfections, it is re-milled. It is reused in a very fabulous way. This material is preferred the most as it gives elegance and a unique outlook to your home. The negative aspects is that it is not easy to find because of the shortage of the wooden resources.

It is not sufficient enough only to plan about the type of the wood. There are many other things that you need to consider including, the insertion of architectural elements etc.


Top Advantages Of A Wooden Spiral Staircase

Stairs are built in a house for convenience and essentiality purpose. But, the type of staircase depends fully on users’ requirements and style. Every house owner has an ideal staircase in their mind that they believe will be the best for their home. Wooden spiral staircases are the ideal ones for many.


But why? Here are the top advantages of wooden spiral stairs that might convince you too for opting for it for your home –

Aesthetic value – Spiral stairs have always been known for their aesthetic value as they provide an exquisite appearance. Their round design complete with beautiful treads and handrails can increase the splendor of your home. The staircase’s curves are branded stylish and modern. And you can achieve the stylish look for your house with these stairways.

Cover little space – If you own a small house or have little space for staircase, then this is the best option for you. Spiral stairs cover little space as they do not need much room to make landings or curves. It can go up to the next level straight vertically without needing much room, which saves you a lot of trouble (like making more space for stairways in house).

Strength – Strength is essential when it comes to stairs as they will have to serve users for a long time. While ascending or descending, users want to make sure that it is strong enough to handle weight. You can trust spiral ones for their strength. In addition, you can have these stairways engineered for its unique strength, so that you can rely on it.

Stability – Stability is the aspect that everyone expects from a staircase. And, you can certainly rely on spiral stairways for their stability as they are designed to serve for a long period. They come with a solid structure to support the whole design and stairs, so you do not have to worry about its stability.

Above mentioned benefits are the major reason why homeowners opt for these stairs.

Facts To Consider While Buying Spiral Staircase For Your Home

Gone are the days when people had to compromise buying simple staircase, as at that time there were not many options available. Earlier, only typical style of staircase was available for every home, which only allowed accessing other floors of your home. However, nowadays there are ample of options available other than just serving the purpose of going from one floor to the other. These options include designs and style, which will not only accommodate its purpose but will also itself look classy and elegant.brooklynstairsAlthough there are many types of Brooklyn stairs available in the market that you can choose from but the most common ones are the spiral staircases. These staircases are quiet elegant and look beautiful when designed in spiral shape.

These staircases are best known for saving lot of space further allowing your home to look large and attractive. However, not all homeowners but few of them are able to avail these benefits, as you require a trained professional to make these staircases. Therefore, in order to avail the benefits that spiral staircase offers to your home, you are required to hire a professional who can provide you benefit much beyond your expectations.

Moreover, you need to keep few aspects in mind before selecting staircase-


Variety of materials is used to construct spiral staircases. The price of the material will vary according to the type of material you will choose. Therefore, you are required to keep budget in your mind when selecting the material to use for building staircase.

The material that is quiet in trend these days and commonly used by people is metal type.

This material doesn’t require much maintenance and last for long.

Metal staircases are quiet sturdy and you can clean them easily, therefore you need less effort to maintain it.

You can easily adapt the metal according to theme of your home.


Undoubtedly, you may get to find lot of sizes in the market for spiral type of staircases is available. Whether small staircase or big, you may get a lot to choose from. Therefore, before finalizing the area where you will build the staircase, you need to consider number of family members residing in your home.

Designs and styles

Last but not the least, design and style is another important factor to consider while choosing spiral staircases. You can select the designs according to theme of your home so that stairs can accommodate well with your entire home.

What are the reasons behind the growing popularity of wooden spiral staircases?

Choosing a staircase for your home or office building can be a big decision. As there are number of staircases (straight, spiral, custom, curved) available, it may become confusing for an individual to decide the type of staircase that best suits the house. spiralstairs

In Brooklyn or other boroughs of NYC, spiral stairs are mostly preferred due to large number of benefits associated with it. From all the available spiral staircases such as steel spiral staircases, iron, aluminum and galvanized spiral staircases, the wooden spiral staircases are widely accepted throughout.

The main reasons responsible for the popularity of theses spiral staircases are-

  • Firstly, the wooden spiral staircases are less expensive as compared to other types of spiral staircases. These types of staircases are mostly available with installation kits; therefore, you need not to hire any professional or contractor for the installation of these stairs.

  • Space is an important element in a home and wooden spiral staircases uses comparatively less space as compared to other traditional staircases. No matter, how big or small the house is, these stairs can easily fit in any corner of the house. A spiral staircase will cover only a small area, which will allow more space to be used for other purposes.

  • Apart from convenience and space effectiveness, the wooden spiral stairs can also be used to add more beauty and can enhance the look of one’s property. You can even get customized stairs accordingly to add more style to your house. The wooden spiral staircases are capable of providing a modern and a very sophisticated look to one’s property.

  • These spiral staircases are affordable and come in variety of colors, design, and material that can perfectly complement the furnishing of your property.

Therefore, the above-mentioned reasons explain the popularity of wooden spiral staircases. However, before finalizing any type of stair for your house it is important to get estimated expenses. One must choose the type or design according to the budget.

If you are still confused or have least or no knowledge about the stairs, it is always advisable to consult a professional company that will help you in choosing the apt staircases for your house. In addition, the most important part is to, choose a company that has years of experience in this profession.

Spiral staircases or straight staircases- which one to choose?

spiralstairsChoosing apt staircase for your house can be a difficult task. There are number of options available and you should choose the one which best fits your home. However, the most frequently used stairs these days are the spiral and the straight staircase.

Both the spiral and straight staircases have their own benefits. However, if you are confused which one to choose, the following points will help you.

Spiral staircases

Spiral stairs are an exclusive option that helps you to utilize every corner of your house. Moreover, these staircases are capable of providing a modern and a very sophisticated look. You can even get custom spiral staircases if you want a staircase of a particular design or style. There are number of benefits of spiral stairs such as-

  • Does not require enough space– This type of staircase can save enough space as they are mostly designed in circular fashion that does not require enough place for constructing the stairs. It can easily fit in a limited space.

  • Gives a unique look to the house– A spiral staircase provides a very modern and sophisticated look to one’s house. It enhances the beauty of the living area. If you want to decorate your house in an innovative way with a modern touch, these stairs are an ideal option.

  • Easy installation– These stairs are easy to install. One just needs to fix all the parts together after checking any broken or lose part. You need not to hire any professional for the installations of these stairs.

Straight staircases-

These are the common type of stairs that are found in most of the houses, offices and other commercial buildings. Moreover, these staircases are one of the oldest types of staircase. The main benefits of straight staircases are-

  • Simplicity- These stairs are known for their simple design and style. A straight staircase can be simple yet can add beauty to your house.

  • Safer option- Straight staircases are considered safer options as compared to others. For example- if you have any seniors or small children in your family the straight staircase is an ideal option as the handrails can be used to provide support and assistance.

  • Easy to construct – These staircases are much easy to plan, construct, and take very less time as compared to other staircases.

Therefore, if you are still in confusion regarding the type of staircase to choose, the aforementioned points will surely help you in selecting the most appropriate staircases according to your house.

Why landing is necessary in wooden stairs?

Landing has been an essential part of wood stairs for decades. It is the flat part or piece in staircases that can be built on different heights. Most people like to install landings in their staircases. But, what is the importance of this small part of stairways? Why is it essential to install it in stairways?

Following are the aspects for which one should install landing in their staircases –

Open-Timber-Staircase-Newmacher-Aberdeenshire-6-highSafety – Landing is installed in stairs mostly for the safety purpose. In case someone falls on stairways, it works as a blockage for the fall. It stops person from descending on stairways too much effectively preventing more injuries. This is the reason why most people prefer on getting a flat part on too long staircases. Landing is usually used in too long straight stairs or in curved ones.

Resting point – It also provides a resting point to climbers while ascending on stairs. If you have small children or elderly members in your family, who find it difficult to climb staircases, then you must get a landing on staircases. It increases the convenient level for climbers. It works as a resting point where one can stop for several seconds, regain their breath then continue ascending.

Decoration point – It also works as a decoration points in both, houses or offices. A flat and wide point in stairs provides you the opportunity to enhance your interior’s beauty. You can put flowerpots, vase, or any other decoration item on this flat piece. It not only works as convenience, but it also works as a decoration point.

Landing can be installed on various heights such as in middle, near bottom or near start. It is made in different angles such as 90 degree or 180 degree according to the building’s requirements and space. You can discuss it with your stairs builder and get the best landing for your house or office. In addition, you must pay attention to your building codes and local laws. It is essential to build stairways according to rules and regulation.

Furthermore, you must hire a company that has experience in building variety of staircases. It includes curved, straight and spiral. Choose wisely since it is very difficult to build or renovate house again. Choose a firm that has trained and experienced professionals for workers. It ensures the quality of their work. Discuss your requirements and expectations with them. You can also give your input regarding style or designs of stairs.